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COSTA RICA PHOTO SHOOT 9/25/99-10/2/99

WHAT A WEEK!  We were based in a gorgeous 8 or 10 (I never counted ‘em all!) bedroom villa on the south point of Flamingo Beach in Guancaste Province, literally right on top of the Pacific Ocean.  Special thanks to Bert Watts for providing the villa, and to Antonio and the rest of the staff for their incredible hospitality.

 Our hardy crew of photographer Jeffrey Brock, contest winner Tenna Reed Cooke, social director “Little Debbie” Dunn, tag-along Dr. David (lucky guy), and yours truly braved rain, winds, and even flooded roads to produce some beautiful shots.  Along the way we stayed for two days at the base of Arenal Volcano (an active volcano!) where we became great friends with Miguel, his lovely wife Carmen, and little Miguelito at the tiny Cerro Chato Lodge in La Fortuna.

 We enjoyed the hot springs and waterfalls that flow out of the volcano at Tabacon Resort, where most of our poster photos were shot.  We hiked to the Catarata (waterfall to you Gringos!) La Fortuna, enjoyed wonderful food at open-air restaurants, and even hiked to the base of the volcano at night to get a closer look at the red-hot rocks spewing from the top.  I have the bruises to prove it!

 Tenna was a great sport.  She is still carrying spines from sea urchins in her feet, and probably still feels the falls on volcanic rock and in the hot springs.  And do the guys in Costa Rica love blondes!!  Just ask Tenna!

 Because of flooded roads, we left the villa Friday to get to our Saturday flight from the airport in Liberia.  We drove south to get north, crossed the Tempisque River by ferry, and headed north again, stopping at the Albergue Hotel Bagaces, where it just happened to be “Ranchero night” in the bar.  A Hank Williams, Jr. look-a-like (uncanny resemblance!) was at the bar, and the joint was jumping!  While all the ticos asked Tenna and Debbie to dance, we fell in love with Michelle the bartender.  The proprietor, Cliff Elson, an Englishman who spent most of his life as a mining engineer in all parts of the world, also performed as a singer and handily wielded a machete to gently urge one of the liquor-impaired locals to change his behavior!  And yes, it was still raining.

 I can’t say enough good things about Costa Rica.  It’s an amazing country, located between Nicaragua and Panama in Central America.  It has it all--jungles, abundant wildlife, rivers, lakes, mountains, beaches, volcanoes, great lodging, moderate prices, and very nice people.  I highly recommend a visit, and you can bet that we’ll be back!

 Want to tell us which shot to use for the poster?  Just choose number 1, 2, 3, or 4 from the composite below and email before November 30, 1999.

 All photos on this page are copyright by Jeffrey Brock or Dan Bowen, except the night volcano shot.

Villa at Flamingo Beach

The Motley Crew

Backside of Flamingo Beach

Dr. David pulls Sea Urchin spur's from Tenna's foot

This water is 104o F.

Photographer Jeffrey Brock

Hard at work at Tarabon Resort



La Fortuna with Arenal  Volcano in background

Night scene of Arenal Volcano near Lake Arenal

Catarata La Fortuna

Waterfall at Tabacon Resort

Tempisque Ferry




This page and all components are copyrighted by the Resaca Beach Poster Girl Contest, produced by Dan Bowen.  All photos are either the property of Dan Bowen or the photographers or models.  These photos may not be reproduced without the permission of said individuals.

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